Chickenfoot album 2009 CD


Released on June 5, 2009

« I said, oh, watchin’ them fall,
Never heard it all, one by one, thought I’d find the sun.
Melting down, soon I’d hit the ground,
Up so fast, the future in the past.

Oh, oh,
The future’s in the past.

I was thinkin’ it’s the real thing,
Broken like a Mustang, we got everybody talkin’,
Yeah, they talkin’,
About, « I got mine. »

I got a funky, funky feeling,
Somewhere in the past.
Still everyday believin’,
Oh, I’m believin’.

Saving the best for last.
Saving the best for last.
Saving the best for last.

Yaa- ya-ya-ya-ya.
Yaa- ya-ya-ya-ya.

[Guitar Solo]

I’m gonna listen to the future,
Listen to the past.
Life ain’t ’bout no hurry,
I’m gonna save the best for last.

(The future is the past)

I’m gonna listen to the children,
Listen to my friends.
Let science be my church,
The song that never ends.

(The future is the past)

We don’t have to worry,
‘Bout anything that’s done.
We each are made of wax,
Get melted by the sun.

(The future is the past)

I’m gonna climb on the moutaintop,
Stand naked with a tree.
Listen to the voice,
Inside you and me.

(The future in the past)

The future is so past.
Come on.
Future is the past.
The future is the past. »