Is There Love in Space?

April 13, 2004

Track List

  2. Up In Flames
  3. Hands In The Air
  4. Lifestyle
  5. Is There Love In Space?
  6. If I Could Fly
  7. The Souls Of Distortion
  8. Just Look Up
  9. I Like The Rain
  10. Searching
  11. Bamboo
  12. Tumble (Bonus iTunes)
  13. Dog With Crown & Earring (Bonus CD version Japonaise)


Produced by Joe Satriani.
Recorded by John Cuniberti and mixed Mike Fraser by The Plant Studios from Sausalito, California ; additional recording at Studio 21 by Joe Satriani.

Assistant engineers: Justin Phelps and Mike Boden
Digital Editing: Eric Caudieux
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC
Tech Crew: Mike Manning, Michael Sandoval

Joe Satriani (guitars, keyboards, harmonica and vocals )
Matt Bissonette (bass)
Jeff Campitelli (drums, percussion)
John Cuniberti (tambourine)
ZZ Satriani: (bowed bass)
Mike Manning: (Harley Davidson on “I Like The Rain”)

Direction: Mick Brigden / BGManagement
Art Direction and Design: Rex Ray
Photography: Greg Watermann
Illustration: ZZ Satriani


Album Review

Is There Love In Space? in a continuation of Strange Beautiful Music, with a global production very similar and an alterning between electrified and smoother songs. From a musical point tof view, this  record is a little bit more oriented towards hard rock / blues-rock songs more traditional in composition, but more modern in the form, I think of  the amazing « Up In Flames » or the fat boogie « I Like The Rain ».

We can see that Joe is always experimenting and working on the sound of his guitar and ambiances on « Is There Love In Space », « GNAAHH » (precursor of « Musterion ») and of course « Searching » and his whammy chorus, or even « Bamboo » (where ZZ Satriani, Joe’s son, played bowed bass), all this songs contribute to make Is There Love In Space? closer of Crystal Planet.

We can relate that Joe is singing on two songs, « Lifestyle » and « I Like The Rain ». This opus is technically irreprochable, « If I Could Fly » that has been plagiarised by Coldplay has a very effective melody and this end solo shows all the skills Joe has on improvisation, and above all « Just Look Up », a gorgeous instrumental ballad that is for Is There Love In Space? what « Starry Night » was on Strange Beautiful Music, or « Love Thing » was on Crystal Planet: the composition enters a disarming place ofluxurious simplicity that every musician or music connoisseur shall know.

Once again Joe Satriani knew how to captivate his audience and how to enlarge his musical outlook, ledding us through is musical universe.