Not Of This Earth


Track List

  1. Not Of This Earth
  2. The Snake
  3. Rubina
  4. Memories
  5. Brother John
  6. The Enigmatic
  7. Driving At Night
  8. Hordes Of Locusts
  9. New Day
  10. The Headless Horseman


Relativity Records

Recorded and mixed at HYDE STREET STUDIOS, San Francisco, California (1985-1986)

All songs written by
Joe Satriani

Produced by
Joe Satriani and John Cuniberti


Album Review

Contrary to what most people think, Not Of This Earth is not the first album realeased by Joe Satriani. A very first EP named Joe Satriani was released in 1984, but he quicly became unavailable and instead of produce it again, Relativity Records prefered but the songs on the Time Machine album, in 1993.

In 1986  the first “real” album of Satch was released, and for a first attempt, it’s such a nice album! The particular style of this guitar player from San Francisco is already very present, and we can hear in the very first chords of the CD the premises of the next albums, an extraordinary fluidity in his playing, dexterity, an unusual technic and a good dose of feeling that places him above all guitar-heroes.

The emotion is everywhere in the Joe Satriani’s music, listen to « Rubina » to realise. The album is of course full of solo because his music is mostly intrumental but people who are open and that know what is the quality shall appreciate it.

Joe Satriani alternates between the funky rhythm on « The Snake », a brooding atmosphere « Hordes Of Locusts », « Driving At Night » that illustrates well this feeling or even a crazy-country-blues-rodeo on «The Headless Horseman  », the two-handed tapping that close the album. Satriani went further in the guitar revolution that was initiated by Hendrix, extended by Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen and associates.
However, we can notice two bad things on this album, the production that is certainly not up to the high-level of Joe, and a too much important place given to the rhythm box.

But at least Not Of This Earth stays a true delight, but the best is yet to come. On the internal sleeve of the CD, Joe anounced that he’s working on a new album which, so he said, will blow evenyone minds.