Satchurated – Live in Montreal

March 13, 2012

Track List

  1. Ice 9
  2. Hordes of Locusts
  3. Flying In a Blue Dream
  4. Light Years Away
  5. Memories
  6. War
  7. Premonition
  8. Satch Boogie
  9. Revelation
  10. Pyrrhic Victoria
  11. Crystal Planet
  12. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
  13. Dream Song
  14. God Is Crying
  15. Andalusia
  16. Solitude
  17. Littleworth Lane
  18. Why
  19. Wind In The Trees
  20. Always With Me, Always With You
  21. Big Bad Moon
  22. Crowd Chant
  23. Summer Song
  24. (Bonus) Two Sides To Every Story
  25. (Bonus) The Golden Room


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Directed and Produced by Pierre & Francois Lamoureux
Executive Producers: Joe Satriani, Mick Brigden, Francois Lamoureux, Pierre Lamoureux, Mathieu Lefebvre
Mixed by Mike Fraser
Bonus Video directed by Jon Luini and Arthur Rosato

  • Joe Satriani (guitars, bass, keyboards)
  • Jeff Campitelli (drums, percussion)
  • Allen Whitman (bass)
  • Mike Keneally (keyboards)

Recorded at Metropolis in Montreal, Canada on December 12, 2012.


Album Review

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