Super Colossal

March, 2006

Track List

  1. Super Colossal
  2. Just Like Lightnin’
  3. It’s So Good
  4. Redshift Riders
  5. Ten Words
  6. A Cool New Way
  7. One Robot’s Dream
  8. The Meaning of Love
  9. Made of Tears
  10. Theme for a Strange World
  11. Movin’ On
  12. A Love Eternal
  13. Crowd Chant


Produced by Joe Satriani and Mike Fraser
Drums and additional recordings made at The Armoury, Vancouver, Colombie Britannique (Canada)
Sessions atThe Armoury recorded by Mike Fraser
Assisted by Rob Stefanson
Mixed by Mike Fraser at The Armoury
Additional recordings by Simon Phillips, and Stephan Nordin at Phantom Studios, Sherman Oaks, Californie
Mastering by George Marino at Sterling Sound, NYC

  • Joe Satriani (guitars, bass, keyboardss)
  • Jeff Campitelli (drums, percussion, except for 6, 7, 8, and 9)
  • Simon Phillips (drums on songs 6, 7, 8, and 9)
  • Eric Caudieux (sound engineering)

Recorded at Studio 21 by Joe Satriani.

All songs written by Joe Satriani
Published on Strange Beautiful Music (ASCAP)

Direction : Mick Brigden for MJJ Management
Artistic direction and design : Rex Ray
Photography : Greg Waterman


Album Review

Let’s go straight to the point, Super Colossal is a very good opus, maybe wiser that the rest of his discography full of crazy solos that have contributed making the legend. The production is impeccable, some songs have already became classics oubviously « Super Colossal » for which a clip is available in the bonus files of Satriani LIVE! CD/DVD, a very simple riff associated with the values of arrangement and aesthetic choices that have made this song one of his most famous songs of the past decade.
« A Cool New Way » is a very aetheric song, the harmonics played by the rhythm guitars are real important things, Joe still knows how to settle atmospheres, the same for « Made Of Tears » that goes deeper. « One Robot’s Dream » turns to be very futuristic and was inspired from a line in a Velvet Underground sound. « Redshift Riders » comes with a very powerful riff that’s going half-time for the solo and make the groove twice better, that’s always appreciated.

Joe also makes some more sophisticated songs like the seven-beat « The Meaning Of Love » that goes far away in bright chords and melodies, other songs are wiser like « A Love Eternal » and « Movin’ On » and other seems to be very simple in the composition like the joyful « It’s So Good » but Satch expands all his musical knowledge and always make it interesting.
Finally the album ends up with « Crowd Chant » wihch has been made for live by simulating the conversation between the guitar and the audience.

Super Colossal finally appears like a very homogenous album and marked a very significant shift from the sound choice of Joe’s discography.