January 12, 2018


  1. Energy
  2. Catbot
  3. Thunder High on the Mountains
  4. Cherry Blossoms
  5. Righteous
  6. Smooth Soul
  7. Headrush
  8. Looper
  9. What Happens Next
  10. super Funky Badass
  11. Invisible
  12. Forever and Ever


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Produced by Joe Satriani and Mike Fraser
Recorded by Mike Fraser

  • Joe Satriani (guitars)
  • Glenn Hughes (bass)
  • Chad Smith (drums)

All songs written by Joe Satriani
Published by Strange Beautiful Music/ASCAP


What Happens Next is the 16th studio album from Joe Satriani, and it will be released on January 12, 2018. The mirror thematic is the most important part of the CD cover, along with a chromed Ibanez JS and its Sustainiac pickup, a chromed Planet Waves strap, mirror glasses and of course Joe reflections in the mirrors all around the place.

We shall wait a little bit for more information, feel free to share it on the comments!

  • Can’t wait for this album! I heard Chad Smith could be on the record… what do you think?

    • Vincent Klein

      Maybe so groovy as chickenfoot !

      • It’s confirmed haha! Love his groove, I’m sure this power trio will kick ass!

  • Great news !!

  • Peter Kemzura

    …Joe’s not silly… he knows something is coming… apart from his new album that is… look forward to it as always