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Ibanez JS10th Story

The Ibanez JS10th, also named Chromeboy, is a very special guitar because it celebrated 10 years of collaboration with Joe Satriani. For this occasion, Ibanez realised his second attempt to manufacture chrome guitars, after the JS2. You can read on the back plate “In commemoration of the 10 year association and collaboration between Joe Satriani and Ibanez Guitars.”

Of course Joe has been using personal chrome guitars for many years. The famous ones were named “Chromeboy”, “Pearly“ and “Refrator”, but manufacturing chrome guitars for his fans was a major step.

507 chrome models were produced all over the world. Joe himself owns the #370. A funny fact is that a #508 actually exists, one JS10th had some quality issues, so Ibanez made another one but forgot to serialise the replacement. Its body is made of a very special material, luthite, that is a lightweight synthetic substitute for wood.

This guitar is like a JS1000 from 1998, with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, 6105 frets, DiMarzio PAF Pro and FRED pickups with hi-pass filter and split and abalone dots. The only visual differences with the JS1000 of the period (apart from the hardware and chrome finish), are the Edge tremolo and the jack input. It was inlaid near the strap button for the S1000 models and for the JS10th it is a little bit further on the side. That’s pretty rare for the JS series. Only a few have this feature, like the JSBDG, because it comes back from the 540 Radius series, before the very first JS1 model.


Name: JS10th “Chromeboy”
Year: 1998
Areas: Worldwide
Made in: Japan
Finishes: CH
Models: 507

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Body material: Luthite
Neck joint: Tilt Joint
Bridge: Edge
Hardware color: Chrome


Neck type: JS
Neck material: 1-Piece Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Abalone Dots
Frets: 22 / W/6105


PU Config: HH
Neck PU: DiMarzio PAF Pro
Bridge PU: DiMarzio FRED
Controls: 1 Volume (with High Pass On/Off)
1 Tone (with Coil Split) / 3-Way Toggle

Neck dimensions

Scale length: 648mm/25.5″
a: Width at nut: 42mm
b: Width at last fret: 56mm
c: Thickness at 1st fret: 20mm
d: Thickness at 12th fret: 22mm
Radius: 240mm

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