Vox Ice 9

Vox Ice 9

The Ice 9 is a multi-function overdrive designed to the exact specifications of worldrenowned  guitar icon Joe Satriani and named after his well-known song of the same name. Joe wanted an overdrive that would offer the best modern overdrive tones, combined with the warmth, musicality and character of the finest overdrives in his collection of vintage pedals. He also wanted to incorporate his favorite function from the acclaimed Vox Satchurator, aptly named “More”, versatile tone-shaping that he uses to punch in his leads and break through the mix.

The result is the Ice 9 Overdrive. Using carefully selected components, the Ice 9 brings you the best in vintage and modern tones, each is designed to Joe’s exact specifications using carefully selected components.
Vox engineers paired together a special Op Amp and premium diodes for a warm and rich Vintage tone while the Modern mode utilizes a Germanium diode to kick up a cuttingedge overdrive that is altogether new and aggressive sound.
While most overdrives simply offer a single EQ knob, the Ice 9 is voiced with both a custom Tone control and an extra Bass response knob, so you can create your own monster tone.

Dual Overdrives

The Ice 9 is like having two overdrives in one – Modern and Vintage. Both tones are quickly accessible via a mini toggle switch. Each voice uses its own diode for a distinct tone that is all your own.

Tone and Bass control

This is another very useful feature. While most overdrives offer a simple tone knob to control the EQ, the Ice 9 is voiced with a bass control that gives extra bottom end to the signal pre drive. The Tone control gives the Ice 9 its distinct tone by voicing the EQ post drive. These EQ points are the exact settings Joe uses to create his huge guitar tones.

The More switch

Designed to give your guitar that extra push when it needs it most the More switch gives an extra 14dB boost to your tone.

Chicken Head Knobs

There were a lot of practical reasons Joe chose these knobs over something more modern looking. For one, they just look cool! Joe and the Vox team also agreed that it was essential to give you the most precision possible in exploring and documenting your own favorite sound settings.


  • Two voices of overdrive: Vintage or Modern
  • Gain and Volume knobs offer exacting distortion control
  • Tone and Bass controls deliver detailed tone-shaping


  • Controls: Gain Knob, Tone Knob, Bass Knob, Volume Knob; On/Off Switch, ‘More’ Switch, Vintage/Modern Switch
  • In/Outputs: 1/4″ Input, 1/4″ Output, AC power input (9V)
  • Input Impedance: 560kΩ
  • Output Impedance: 10kΩ
  • Power: One 9V Battery (included) or AC adapter (not included)
  • Current Consumption: 10mA
  • Battery life : about 50 hours (alkaline batteries)
  • Dimensions: 143(W) x 121(D) x 57.5(H)mm/5.63″ (W) x 4.76″(D) x 14.61″(H)
  • Weight: 600g (excluding batteries)/1.32 lbs.
  • Included Items: 9V alkaline battery
  • Options: 9V AC adapter (not included)


  • David Krueger

    where do I purchase an ice nine?

    • Dean Bibb

      Hi David! I have just gotten the Ice 9 in February of this year and had to go through Ebay to get it. In fact, I had to get all of his pedals from Ebay except for the Satchurator which I already owned. These pedals aren’t in production any longer but there are usually several of each model on Ebay.

  • Dean Bibb

    This is the single greatest overdrive pedal I have ever used! It is super versatile and relatively quiet. The pre-gain Bass control can thicken things up where other overdrives cut off the lows (I’m looking at you, Boss SD-1) and can also cut them to accommodate a dark-sounding guitar. Also, there isn’t the big mid frequency hump that exists in other overdrives (I’m looking at you, Tube Screamer). The Vintage mode is slightly brighter and less compressed than the Modern mode, but the Modern mode works better for my applications, lending more heft without adding fizz. The Tone knob is dialed in incredibly well with usable tones throughout. For people who use a clean boost, the More switch is just the thing, placed pre-gain where it serves the input gain stage well.
    This is my favorite pedal in his Vox line because it is so versatile with a warm smokey tone without harsh highs or humped up mids.