Vox JS Pedals

Vox JS Pedals

Distortion, Overdrive, Echo, Delay, Wah-Wah, Chorus, Flange, Envelope Filters and Octave generators – the more the merrier! Effects pedals are not only fun to play with; they have become necessary tools for the active musician at all levels.

Joe Satriani.

In 2008, Joe Satriani started working with the famous company Vox Amps, to produce a new JS series pedals designed to provide a large range of sounds for guitar players from all backgrounds.  The engineers found pratical solutions and improvements to the Joe Satriani guidelines, about common difficulties in the current context of effect pedals. One of the criteria included the ability to replace easily the pedales he uses every night on stage. After months and years of testing, working and modifications, the Vox engineers designed a whole range of Vox JS pedals!
Thanks to Joe Satriani who imposed high specifications in the development of his signature effects, every guitar player have now access to an incredible sound quality and performances.

Vox Satchurator signature Joe Satriani JS

Vox Satchurator

Vox Time Machine signature Joe Satriani JS

Vox Time Machine

Vox Ice 9 signature Joe Satriani JS

Vox Ice 9

Vox Big Bad Wah signature Joe Satriani JS

Vox Big Bad Wah

Vox amPlug signature Joe Satriani JS

Vox amPlug Satriani

Joe Satriani is one of a kind. Rarely have we met a musician so demanding and exacting about achieving a signature tone all his own. Each of the Vox Joe Satriani Series pedals was built to be best in its class, with enough flexibility to express Joe’s – and your own – individual, signature tone. Joe was an active part of the design team from start to finish, pouring his years of stage and studio expertise into the look, feel and of course – the sound. Sure, Joe’s designs make it easy to re-create his signature sound. But Joe is no one-trick pony – and neither are the pedals that bear his name.


I love effects pedals. They help me be creative. They push my guitar playing into new musical directions. They help me reach new heights in live performance. For decades I wished that some day I would be able to contribute to the design of my own pedal line. I would team up with an iconic, legendary company known worldwide for their unique musical innovations that became industry standards. That day has finally come.
Following my specifications without compromise, and adding design innovations I never thought possible, the Vox team has delivered exactly what I need for the stage as well as the studio.

Joe Satriani.