The Joe Satriani Universe community project was born in 2006 as a Brad Coudray initiative. He was joined a couple of years later by Saturax. At first it’s name was Satriani-fr.com and it was only in French, but we quickly had the goal to gather together every Joe Satriani fan not only in France but also worldwide !
We wanted to create a very complete website full of information about Joe, his musical career, his gear, his projects and latest news. We wanted this website to be full of content, pictures, videos and all those background stories that every fan is looking for, as well as a place to learn from guitar lessons about Joe’s songs and techniques, tablatures and backing tracks.
We wanted the best place possible that would enable you to share your passion with thousands of people, and bring your part to the community.

The Joe Satriani Universe project isn’t just about being thankful for what Joe’s music has brought us, but it’s above all about being thankful for how much Joe has inspired us in our own lives and our career choices. We’ve learned that the best is possible with passion, determination, rigorous work and creativity. That’s what we strive for and we do it with all that we learned from Joe.

Thank you Joe and thank you to all the fans that contributed and helped us, who have supported our crazy project for so long on forums, social networks and in our everyday life. Welcome here my friends, enter the Joe Satriani Universe !


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Brad Coudray

I’m Brad Coudray, creator of Joe Satriani Universe.
Since 2009 I’m webdesigner in my own agency in Bordeaux, France.

I discovered Joe more than 20 years ago with some friends in the G3 Live in Denver and we immediately started to play guitar! From that time, I shared every day my two passions which are web and music through my job and Satch’s fans all around the world.


My name is Robin Angelini, aka Saturax.
I’m a guitar player, teacher, arranger and composer from Corsica, France. I’ve learned playing classical music at 7 and then I found a lot of interest in modern music. I studied rock, jazz, blues, learned the musical theory, the improvisation, composition and arrangement. I’ve been awarded of the MIMA degree.

Today I live in Paris, I teach guitar everywhere in France and on Skype.

joe satriani saturax robin angelini



All the information on this website came from years of extensive research, archives, discussions with Joe, his team and his musicians, from other websites all over the world and from an incredible quantity of people who contributed and supported us. We would like to dedicate this website to the whole community. The Joe Satriani Universe adventure is only just beginning !

Joe Satriani with Brad Coudray & Saturax at Guitare en Scène

We are particularly grateful to M. Joe Satriani, his manager Mick Brigden & Jon R. Luini from Chime Interactive.

The whole team of musicians, Galen Henson, Jeff Campitelli, Dave LaRue, Matt Bissonette, Stu Hamm, Mike Keneally, Marco Minnemann, Bryan Beller, Éric Caudieux, Jonathan Mover.
Sammy Hagar, Chad Smith & Michael Anthony.
Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, John Petrucci…

Mike Fraser, John Cuniberti, Justin Phelps, Mike Manning…

And every fan who contribute directly or indirectly towards JSU and Satriani-fr.com,
Pierre Malet, Sylvain Pleigneur, Tom Breton, Guillaume “Tito” Ortega, Skippy Goyle, Valentin Peersman, Guillaume Bernard, Olivier Dallest, Maxime Delhomme, Johnny Behague, Geoffroy Serre, Jordan Bouillez, Mike, Magalie Richard, our late friend Joe “Axeshredder” Cipolla, Mickael Marmol, Maxime Even, Dempsey and the Festival Guitare en Scène… and so many others !