Planet Waves Accessories

Picks & Straps

Founded in 1994 in New York, the Planet Waves label joined in 1998 with D’Addario Foundation, the hundred year old company that provides quality furniture and accessories needed for musicians! From the simple pick to the strap, going though cables and tuners, Planet Waves created in association with Joe Satriani the signature JS pickups and the signature JS straps.

Planet Waves Picks

These are decorated with the JS logo and autographed with 10 different Joe Satriani drawings. The picks are available in black or white with three material thickness options (Thin, Medium and Large) and are sold in 10-packs or single units.

Regular Picks

Planet Waves pick Joe Satriani white

White picks

JS1W-T – Thin (.50mm)
JS1W-M – Medium (.70mm)
JS1W-H – Heavy (1.0mm)

10 different Joe Satriani drawings

Planet Waves pick Joe Satriani black

Black picks

JS1B-T – Thin (.50mm)
JS1B-M – Medium (.70mm)
JS1B-H – Heavy (1.0mm)

10 different Joe Satriani drawings

Planet Waves pick Joe Satriani white
Planet Waves pick Joe Satriani black
Planet Waves pick Joe Satriani Chrome Dome

Chrome Dome Pick

Inspired by the Joe Satriani universe, the Chrome Dome pick is made of stainless steel. Designed and used by Joe Satriani most of time in his studio albums, the Chrome Dome creates songs that are not of this earth. The Chrome Dome is sold in a pack including 4 medium black pickups.

  • Chrome finition
  • Stainless Steel
  • Allows the player to create new and exciting sounds
  • Item # JSCD-01

Tricks to do with a Chrome Dome

Holding Pick Upside Down

You can get a mellotron (an electro-mechanical keyboard) sound by playing with your pick upside down along the string, and you can even play harmonic progressions by doing the same thing on two strings!

Middle Eastern

In order to obtain the middle eastern effect, hammer on the string with your Chrome Dome at a small distance from your bridge. It will bring an exotic touch to your playing.

Metal Pick

Brian May from Queen obtains this particular sound range by using a Penny as a pick, but you can have a better and smoother rendering with the Chrome Dome! The heavy weight of the metal creates a dense, warm and clear sound.

Weird Bad Robot Tone

A variant of the previous trick consists of making circles on the strings with the edge of your Chrome Dome, giving the impression that a robot is talking.

Record Scratching

The scratch effect, used a lot by DJ’s on vinyl, can be obtained by muting the strings with your left hand and scratching the strings among the pickups with your Chrome Dome. You have to do rapid movements in each direction and play on rhythm.

Computer Gone Crazy

Start by increasing the gain on your amp to get this crazy computer sound! Mute the strings with your left hand and use the side of the Chrome Dome and slide on them anywhere you want to go between the bridge and the neck.

Super Glissando Scrapes

The Chrome Dome is perfect for glissandi with it’s smooth texture, the polished edge and the stainless steel contact which create expressive sonorities compared to classic pickups.

Planet Waves Straps

Planet Waves and guitarist Joe Satriani offer the JS Series signature guitar strap collection. The JS strap collection features 11 premium-quality 50mm wide tubular nylon and 2 leather guitar straps with Satriani’s own artwork and also artwork inspired by his famous guitars woven into comfortable, fashionable guitar straps. Each strap is designed to Joe’s specifications and is adjustable in length from 35inches to 59.5inches (89cm to 151cm) long.

This guitar straps are of very good quality. There have been three generations of woven straps and every model is available with the straplock Planet Lock end except for the third generation ones.

  • Woven Straps V.1
  • Woven Straps V.2
  • Woven Straps V.3
  • Leather Straps

Woven Straps V.1

  • Skull ‘n Bones
  • Up in Flames
  • Souls of Distortion
  • Snakes Mosaic
  • Silver Sketches

Woven Straps V.2

  • Spaceman
  • Skulls
  • Creatures

Woven Straps V.3

  • Relic
  • Drops
  • Ghost

Leather Straps

  • Grey Man
  • Frog man