The Electric Joe Satriani – An Anthology

November 18, 2003

Track List CD1

  1. Surfing With The Alien
  2. Satch Boogie
  3. Always With Me, Always With You
  4. Crushing Day
  5. Flying In A Blue Dream
  6. The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing
  7. I believe
  8. Big Bad Moon
  9. Friends
  10. The Extremist
  11. Summer Song
  12. Why
  13. Time Machine
  14. Cool #9
  15. Down, Down, Down

Track List CD2

  1. The Crush of Love
  2. Ceremony
  3. Crystal Planet
  4. Raspberry Jam Delta-V
  5. Love Thing
  6. Borg Sex
  7. Until We Say Goodbye
  8. Devil’s Slide
  9. Clouds Race Across The Sky
  10. Starry Night
  11. Mind Storm
  12. Slick
  13. The Eight Steps
  14. Not Of This Earth
  15. Rubina


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Album Review

The Electric Joe Satriani – An Anthology is a compilation in Joe Satriani’s career with fully remastered songs, from Not Of This Earth to  Strange Beautiful Music, along with personal liner notes by Joe for each song, with two unreleased songs « Slick » and « The Eight Steps » that were only available in the japanese version of Strange Beautiful Music.