Ibanez JS1APR Story

The JS1APR signature Joe Satriani is just amazing, it beats every guitar. It was introduced in 2016 and it’s the fastest guitar you can even play. Really. The guitar god John Petrucci has made a tutorial of how you can use this Ibanez JS in this video. You can play bubble or even splash. wow. such song. much shred.

The neck JS Ultra Prestige Legendary is so fast you can’t even have time to think about it, 2.21 times faster than light so you can travel through time until 1993 when the time traveling was invented. The body is made of Bobfish and sings this when you squeeze it gently.

On the electronics side, we have 2 DiMarzio pickups signature, one SPLASH Joe and a Pro JELLY. You can play every song from Joe with this, the sound is super colossal and is a big component of this beautiful guitar, that drives you way down, down, down to the New Orleans. The new Tito bridge on the Ibanez JS1APR is so fat he can create wormholes 4.22 light-years longs, the distance from here to Proxima Centauri, there you can find love in space with aliens, reach the big bad moon, going to the beach some day, surfing, all that kind of stuff.

Brace yourselves, the JS1APR is coming…


Name: JS1APR
Years: 2015
Areas: Worldwide
Made in: Fishland
Finishes: APR (Amazing Power Radius)

js1apr ibanez js april fool


Body material: Bobfish
Neck joint: Tilt Joint
Bridge: Tito Pro tremolo
w/ Ultralite Tremolo Fish
Hardware color: Flipper


Neck type: JS Prestige Fool
Material: 1-Piece Sardine
Fingerboard: Rosefish
Inlays: Pearly Dots
Frets: The fastest


PU Config: HH (Hue Hue)
Neck PU: DiMarzio SPLASH Joe
Bridge PU: DiMarzio Pro JELLY
Controls: 1 Volume (On/Off High on Drugs filter)
1 Tone (On/Off Coil Slip) / 3-Way Toggle

Neck dimensions

Scale length: I am
a: Width at nut: Your
b: Width at last fret: New
c: Thickness at 1st fret: God
d: Thickness at 12th fret: Little boys
Radius: Check this shit.

js1apr i am your new god


Exclusive John Petrucci Review

doge png
john petrucci shred temptation
ibanez js1apr john petrucci


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