Ibanez JS2PRM Story

The JS2PRM is just the most iconic JS guitar ever made. It’s the third attempt from Ibanez to make a chrome guitar, the first was the JS2 and the second was the JS10th that celebrated the 10 years of collaboration and association between Ibanez and Joe Satriani. It’s one of the rarest JS guitars with only 60 models ever produced, including 35 for the USA, released in 2005. The chrome guitar is a special idea from Joe who always had prototype chrome guitars since he had been working with Ibanez. These were guitars with different names such as “Chromeboy”, “Refractor” or “Pearly” that were unfortunately stolen in 2002.

PRM means Premium Rock Mirror and that’s what it is, an incredible mirror made of atomized stainless steel about a few microns thick. The process to get that is something called vacuum metalization. First of all the guitar is coated with a conductive paint, then it’s polished to perfection before the aluminium coating has been atomised. The result is more cosmo than the other chrome finish that was brighter, but it’s even more beautiful. However, the drawback is that this mirror surface scratched extremely easily, maybe the ephemeral things are the most beautiful.

The pickups are DiMarzio PAF Joe for the neck and a FRED for the bridge. Both are chromed with a handmade coil and controlled by a 3-way selector. The two pickups can be split by pulling the tone pot and a high-pass filter can be activated the same way on the volume pot. A phase switch has been added to have more sounds to this already versatile JS. The phase switch mode is activated by turning on the switch and putting the 3-way selector in the middle position. This changes the way the soundwaves produced by the two pickups interact with each other. The result is that the bass frequencies are cut off, the signal sounds thinner and it leaps out from the other players. The tone is very impressive and changes depending of what you play. Sometimes you have a tone that sounds like « Flying In A Blue Dream » and starting from the 15th fret you have the « Crystal Planet » tone, quite unbelievable.

The body is made of basswood like most of the JS guitars, the neck is made of maple with a rosewood fretboard inlaid with 10 beautiful abalone dots and inlaid again to larger mirror dots. The headstock matches the cosmo hardware and is protected by a glass plate, the same that the JS2k has. The 22 frets of this muti-radius JS Prestige neck are the thin wormoth 6105s and the bridge is an original Edge, Joe’s favourite.

Two chromed tremolo bars are included in the special silver case, with a guitar stand and a certificate of authenticity. If you are a Joe Satriani appreciator, or just a high-end guitar fan, you must take a took at least once in your life to a JS2PRM, and have this incredible sensation when you open the case.


Name: JS2prm
Years: 2005
Areas: Worldwide
Made in: Japan
Finishes: PRM (Premium Rock Mirror)
Models: 60, including 35 for the USA

Ibanez JS2prm signature Joe Satriani JS chrome


Body material: Clearcoated Atomized Stainless Steel plated basswood
Neck joint: Tilt Joint
Bridge: Edge w/ 2 chromed tremolo bars
Hardware color: Cosmo hardware


Neck type: JS Prestige
Material: 1-Piece Maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Inlays: Abalone Dots inlayed into larger Mirror Dots
Frets: 22 / W/6105
Mirror headstock overlay


PU Config: HH
Neck PU: DiMarzio PAF Joe chromed & handmade coil
Bridge PU: DiMarzio FRED chromed & handmade coil
Controls: 1 Volume (On/Off High Pass filter)
1 Tone (On/Off Coil Split) / 3-Way Toggle / 1 Phase Switch

Neck dimensions

Scale length: 648mm/25.5″
a: Width at nut: 42mm
b: Width at last fret: 56mm
c: Thickness at 1st fret: 20mm
d: Thickness at 12th fret: 22.3mm
Radius: 250mm

Radius Neck Ibanez Joe Satriani
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