On Peregrine Wings from Shockwave Supernova full song preview

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Hey Satch fans,

Joe Satriani unveiled the full preview of the song On Peregrine Wings, taken from forthcoming album Shockwave Supernova!

While working on a project for an animated TV show called Crystal Planet, I thought this music would be perfect for a flying character and what would it feel like to jump off a cliff and start flying


There would be fear and exhilaration to be thousands of feet in the air. The movie in my head informed me on how the song developed using unusual scales and the intense velocity of the drumbeat and the crazy solo.

Joe Satriani.

Shockwave Supernova cover & pre-order

You can pre-order the album on Amazon by clicking the links below, the first one is the album pre-order and the second is the digital pre-order. The release-day is on 24th July and the digital pre-order is going to be delivered on that day.

Album | digital

joe satriani shockwave supernova album cover 2015

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  • Crazy song, it’s good looking for the rest of the album !!! 😀

  • Bruno

    The great explosion starts, thank Mr.Joseph!

  • Samuel Amorim

    Could this have any influence of “baião” (Brazilian music style)?

    • Pedro Couto de Brito

      I noticed the same.