Shockwave Supernova album cover and teaser

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Hey Satch fans,

Joe Satriani unveiled the album cover of his new 2015 album Shockwave Supernova, the release day in on 24th July!

Shockwave Supernova 2015

Joe Satriani and his legendary Mixing/Mastering Engineer John Cuniberti have produced this album. Also, bassist Bryan Beller, drummer Marco Minnemann and keyboardist Mike Keneally who ran on the Unstoppable Momentum tour 2013 & 2014 have recorded Shockwave Supernova.

As we all know this our last article, the Shockwave Supernova is a conceptual album based on Joe Satriani’s alter ego “Shockwave Supernova”, this outlandish and extroverted character he discovered he was on stage, the exact opposite of who he is in real life, shy and reserved.

I couldn’t have asked for a better band to help bring these songs to life.

Joe Satriani.

The virtuoso drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and Jane’s Addiction‘s bassist Chris Chaney who also played on the last album Unstoppable Momentum were invited to feature on the songs « Crazy Joey », « In My Pocket », « Keep On Movin’ » and « Scarborough Stomp », they reworked the arrangement of those tracks which were supposed to be on the previous album.

On Peregrine Wings teaser

Teaser of the song « On Peregrine Wings » the 5th song of the album. The full list of the songs is now available here : Shockwave Supernova album and you can now comment on the album page.

Joe plays a lot of Ibanez JS guitars in this teaser, of course the last Ibanez JS2450, his Ibanez JS2410 with the Sustainiac pickup but also the blue prototype guitar with 3 DiMarzio humbuckers single-coil sized and maple neck he used on the Experience Hendrix tour 2010. Also he plays the chords of « On Peregrine Wings » on a new custom chrome guitar, perhaps a JS10th it’s more likely a new chrome guitar based on the JS2000 features, in any case the guitar has an EverTune Bridge, a major innovation that keeps your guitar tuned no matter what. Finally, we also could see a double-neck guitar with a 6 strings and a 12 strings neck in his flycase, maybe the guitar Joe brang on the 2002 Strange Beautiful Music tour.

Official album cover & pre-order

You can pre-order the album on Amazon by clicking the links below, the first one is the album pre-order and the second is the digital pre-order. The release-day is on 24th July and the digital pre-order is going to be delivered on that day.

Album | digital

Stay tuned folks for other news & previews about Shockwave Supernova! 😉

More information on the UK tour official page.

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