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Hey Satch fans, we have some fresh news to tell you about the new 2015 album Shockwave Supernova !

Shockwave Supernova Mastering

Some titles of the songs from the upcoming album Shockwave Supernova have been revelated by the legendary sound engineer John Cuniberti on his social medias. The 2015 album is currently in mastering process at Bernie Grundman mastering, and is going to be released on July 2015. Joe talked about a conceptual research for Shockwave Supernova in his last interviews, the titles can give you a better idea of what it may look like.

Revelated songs

  1. Shockwave Supernova
  2. Lost In A Memory
  3. Crazy Joey
  4. In My Pocket

A 15 songs album

A crazy total of 15 songs are going to take place in this new solo album, that’s a lot more that for the previous records who had 11 songs max (a bit more if they had bonus) since almost 10 years, and according to John Cuniberti 4 songs that were recorded for the last album has been re-worked for this new one. 11 songs titles are still missing, but you will quickly discover their names, stay tuned… 😉

joe satriani shockwave supernova vinyl bernie grundman mastering 2015

Chris Bellman today at Bernie Grundman mastering cutting lacquer reference discs for the new Joe Satriani album “Shockwave Supernova” It’s been 25 years since Joe and I have made a vinyl LP.

John Cuniberti.

Back in Skywalker Studios

Meanwhile, Jon Luini and Joe Satriani were back yesterday in the Skywalker Studiosfor video interview and some closeup guitar work for promo materials”. They love this place, Jon laughed about the tape left by the orchestra that was there the previous day, maybe it shall reveal a good picture by connecting the dots?

They always love to hang out at this legendary studio where Unstoppable Momentum and Black Swans And Wormhole Wizards were recorded.

joe satriani shockwave supernova skywalker studio

Stay tuned to have the latest new about Shockwave Supernova, his release date, his cover, the name of the other songs and as usually the best interviews…

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