Joe Satriani and EverTune Bridge

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The EverTune Bridge is a very innovative mechanical bridge, that keeps your strings tuned once tuned. That seems to be a simple problem, but every guitar player around here know the struggle, between the heavy bends, the attack and the changes of temperature, in studio conditions, or even worst in the middle of a song in live conditions.

Joe Satriani and EverTune

Five years of research finally lead to the invention of the EverTune Bridge. Joe Satriani now installed it on his Ibanez JS2000 guitar as you can see, one of the most beautiful hard-tail JS series that he customised with Ibanez, like a lot of other guitar players who adopted it, we can relate John 5, Scott Ian, Steve Stevens of Clint Black among many others.

John Cuniberti, the sound engineer who works with Joe Satriani for many years talks about “The most important development in electric guitar in 50 years. This really works.” and he’s right, he even said that it works with “no electronics, motors or power needed.” And that’s the thing, the craziest part is the this is purely mechanical, with a lever and a spring for each string, so every musician can focus only on his performance in any environment.

The EverTune Bridge system is an awesome feat of engineering, form and function. It’s a game changer for all guitar players. It accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, keep your guitar in tune no matter what! I find I can play any chord voicing anywhere on the neck with the system, and that’s truly inspirational all by itself. The practical benefits of using the bridge are obvious, but it’s how it sets you free to play what you want, without worrying about tuning and intonation, that really makes the EverTune Bridge a stunning, must have piece of gear.

Joe Satriani.

How the EverTune Bridge works

EverTune team shows how trigonometry laws wins over robotic systems. It weighs 1.28 pounds (0.580 kg). When you remove the weight of the extra wood and the hardware of your guitar to install an EverTune, you weight added is about 0.180 kg – 0.220 kg (6-8 pounds).

The EverTune system is available for 6 strings, 7 strings or 8 strings guitars, Telecaster style (T), Gibson style (G) or Strat style guitars (F) like Joe have on his new custom JS2000, even left-handed players can enjoy this system on the Telecaster style model. The price worth this innovative system, starting from 295$ for the T, F & G systems to 395$ for the 8-strings model. A tremolo version is in development.

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