The JS25ART anniversary signature Joe Satriani

 In Gear, Joe Satriani

Ibanez and Joe Satriani will celebrate the 25th anniversary of collaboration and association, by releasing the Ibanez JS25ART signature Joe Satriani.

About the JS25ART

What we know about the JS25ART is that it’s going to be a 24 frets guitar, with two pickups, probably a Satch Track and a Mo’ Joe like the last Ibanez JS2450. We counted 34 different bodies in the video, so we can estimate the number production between 35-50 models, it’s a least under 100 model because the numerotation is a two-digits numbers. “JS2400” is written in the body/neck joint so we can bet on a basswood body, unless the “JS2400” refers to the new JS body form that went with the JS2400, and the alder is a possibility, or even the mahogany my be back.

The personal Joe Satriani drawing and artwork will feature on the JS25ART, and every single guitar will be unique.

The JS25ART artwork presentation

Aside from his vast musical prowess, Joe has garnered a reputation for his own unique brand of spontaneous artwork, which he has occasionally bestowed upon his personal guitars or other equipment. This video from Ibanez Guitars gives a quick look behind the scenes at production as Joe creates, assesses, and discusses the project and his motivation to pursue the graphic arts.

The JS25ART at NAMM Show

According to the pictures of the JS25ART that is currently exposed at the NAMM Show, the JS25ART features a 1 piece maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, and with the same pearly dots inlayed that the last JS2450 has!

The neck pickup that could have been a Sustainiac is logically a Satch Track with a black finition. An Ultralite Tremolo Arm is also included, and seems to be customised by Joe.

The price is 7999.99$, it’s obviously a collector model that shall be very rare. The JS25ART joins the select circle of the JSBDG “Blackdog” that is a reproduction of the very first JS prototype, the JS2PRM that is entirely chromed, JS20th with the 3D Surfer Silver, or even the JS3 “Donnie”, JS4 “Electric Rainbow” and JS5 “Rainforest”.

Learn more

We now know in exclusivity the exact technical features on the JS25ART, this guitar has the thinest neck ever made in the Ibanez JS history, visit its page for more information and watch HD photographies of the 25 Ibanez JS25ART sold in US : Ibanez JS25ART.

Look like they are a bit more than only 50…

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    Wow, what a great news! Can’t wait to see the JS25ART final version šŸ˜€

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