New Ibanez JS140 signature Joe Satriani

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The new Ibanez JS140 signature Joe Satriani has been anounced for the NAMM show 2015 !

This guitar will be a very affordable JS series, a mix between the JS100, and the JS2400. Indeed, this guitar will have 24 frets which is an important feature, since the JS2400 Joe and Ibanez Produced only 24 frets guitars, 4 Prestige ranged guitars: the JS2400, his left-handed version the JS2400L, the orange JS2410 and the last purple JS2450. The Premium guitar JS24P that has been launched last year also had 24 frets and was a very good deal as we saw in a previous article. But they were no cheaper JS guitar that featured the 24 frets, that has now been done !

At this moment, Ibanez just announced a White (WH) color for the JS140. The Prestige guitars now have an alder body and a 3 pieces neck but the JS140 took account of the characteristics from the JS series since 1989, featuring a basswood body and a 1 piece maple neck and rosewood fretboard, including a Chrome hardware. The neck will feature medium frets, possibly the 6150 Warmoth, with white dots inlays. The bridge will be an Edge-Zero II tremolo, a double locking tremolo that features the zero point system that keeps the tremolo unit flat (at the zero point), designed to eliminate the hassle of tuning and providing a more comfortable playing experience with a more stable bridge, perfect for chords. This is the first time a Edge-Zero II hits the JS series.

The electronic parts went to the essential, a Tone, a Volume, a 3-way selector and of course a coil-tap on the Tone pot so you can split the pickups. The JS140 will feature two humbuckers pickups as always for Ibanez JS guitars, a Quantum for the bridge with a ceramic coil, and a Infinity RD for the neck. What we know about this Infinity RD pickup is that it’s a single-coil size humbucker and that’s an important feature because the radius of the 22 and 24 frets guitars are the same (648mm/25.5″), that’s why for tonal reasons Joe chose to reduce the side of his humbucker neck pickup instead of moving it towards the bridge.


  • White finish
  • JS 1pc Maple neck
  • Basswood body
  • Rosewood fretboard w/White dot inlay
  • 24 medium frets
  • Infinity RD (H) neck pickup
  • Quantum (H) bridge pickup
  • Coil-tap switch on tone control (push/pull)
  • Edge-Zero II vibrato
  • Chrome hardware

Stay tuned for more pictures and information about the Ibanez JS140 ! šŸ˜‰

EDIT : Today, we know everything about the JS140, visit its page here to have the exact specification and all the information : Ibanez JS140

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  • Vish

    Any word on pricing?

    • Saturax

      Around 609Ā£, the conversion into dollars is 900$ but I think it shall be sold cheaper un USA, probably around 600~700$ in stores.

      • Brad Coudray

        Good news, a good alternative to the JS100! šŸ˜€

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