Joe Satriani Masterclass at Guitar Center

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It’s a huge privilege to have the possibility to attend a Joe Satriani masterclass, and this dream came true for the 10 winners of the “Master Class” contest created by Guitar Center (with Ibanez & d’Addario partnerships), open for the US residents only.

You can see in this two videos Joe playing in front of them and on his brand new signature Marshall JVM410HJS some of his classic songs, discussing about the way he wrote them songs and the what he may think when he plays them.

Joe Satriani plays ‘Always With Me, Always With You’

« Always With Me, Always With You » from the Surfing With The Alien album.


Joe Satriani plays ‘Flying In A Blue Dream’

From the Flying In A Blue Dream album, one of the most aetheric song from his discography.

Joe Satriani Masterclass ‘Flying In A Blue Dream’

BONUS: Joe Satriani plays ‘Satch Boogie’

Check out the full audio podcast on the Guitar Center website : Episode 29!

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